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David Johnson Vintage Sno-Cat Spectacular

Trophy  Winners

December 8th, 2012

Show and Celebrity Race Pictures

Rare Sleds and other sights


Jared Foss won both the David Johnson Trophy and Best Polaris with this rare K-4. This was one of two built and they finished the restoration just in time for the show.


Bob Eastman picked this RXL as the recipient of the Eastman Trophy. Bob Safranski also took home the best race sled trophy with this entry.


This being the first year of the show, the committee hadn't prepared for everything. Bruce Monsrud won the Director's Choice Trophy, a post show award, for bringing in this consecutively yeared set of sleds. A great display, and we hope to see these again when we have time to look them over closely.


There being no snow, Chris Lunde brought over this little three wheeled wonder and drove it around, tickling the fancy of many and wheeling away with the Guy's Choice and Unconventional Trophy.

old ranger

Fred Paradis brought in this restored 1957 Ranger equipped like the Alaska trekker and garnered the Rear Engine Trophy.

racer row

David Olson brought in the restored 1966 141 D to win the Best Cat trophy. Roger Skime had a good time telling the gathered about some of the engineering he had to do on the sled. 


Susan Williams wasn't there, but her Kawasaki was and took home the Exhibitor's Trophy.


David Lee brought in a Centurian and a rare Messelts (built by Polaris) and took home 
Ladies' Choice and Best of the Rest.


Alla Lee's 1971 TNT had enough admirers to give him the Best Ski Doo trophy.

snowy race

Samantha Fuller's Hirth powered TX won the Best Shop Built Award, Bye Boys!!! 


Jason Fuller took home the Oldest Trophy with this old Sno-Traveler, vintage 1957 with #10 on the VIN plate.


The ugliest sled award went to this Pol-Cat, a Polaris powered Puma that was used extensively in the woods by Trapper Roseen. He tells the story of meeting Edgar on the trail one day with this Cat and they stopped to chat. He said that Edgar looked at the Pol-Cat, shook his head sadly and said, "No wonder we can't sell any new ones." Trapper wasn't at the awards ceremony, but as you can see he was characteristically happy when he did get his trophy a couple of days later.

corey and mike

    Corey Trudell and and Mike Poolman were tracked down a couple of days later and given the the scrap iron trophies for Vintage Mod I and Vintage Mod II. Mike, one of Arctic's ATV test drivers, says that every time he sees Roger at Arctic Cat he's given advice to "set up those clutches for a little more on the top".
    The two built up the Bad Boy Puma in a couple of weeks late in 2010 (and early 2011) on a dare from Mike's dad. It is built from early Puma and Panther parts melded with a 1998 ZR-1 running gear. It had a 440 fan motor last year, about 40 hp, which he blew up last spring on a vintage run trying to keep up with Corey's Cobra. He found a Sno-Pro fan motor (about 60 hp) that he installed over the summer break, and until he gets out again, Roger and Ray have put more miles on the sled than he has. Quite the "break in" run.
    The two took more time on the Cobra, building it later in the year. Corey looked around on the net and when he saw a picture of a Cobra, decided that he had to have one. $500.00 later, he had the basis for a killer mod sled. A 1996 Polaris 440 XCR was donated to the cause and the welding and riveting started. A few months later the two completed the project and the riding and showing began.
    They call their endeavor Cash Performance, and also do ATV mud runs in the summertime. They have pictures of the build process on their Facebook Page.