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David Johnson Vintage Sno-Cat Spectacular


December 8th, 2012

Link to Trophy Winners

Rare Sleds and other sights


The David Johnson Special was the first sled on the loop.


It snowed lightly all day, which was appreciated by all...


Six consecutive years, incredible display by the Bruce Monsrud Family.


A Canadian Sno-Cat built by Polaris, the Autoboggan

 racer row

TX Classics


Ray Monsrud said Roger Skime could have the one on the left for the Celebrity Race....


Fortunately, Mike Poolman and Corey Trudell came in from Warren, MN with these two custom sleds, which they assented to let Ray and Roger use for the celebrity race. 

ready set

Ready, Set...


Roger gets a holeshot on the first race and wins...

snowy race

The Arctic would leave faster, but the Polaris had a bit more top end so Ray took the next two races by passing the Arctic a few feet before the finish line. 

swappeds leds

Roger and Ray swapped sleds, and since Ray outweighs Roger by a considerable amount, you know what happened...

roger n ray

Ray was declared the winner by taking two out of three on the Polaris; two out of three of the race stewards decreed. The third steward still hadn't decided the next morning. The larger of the two scrap iron trophies went to Ray, and the paper weight sized one went to Roger.  Roger did end up  winning three of the five races, so still has bragging rights about something. Regardless, a ton of fun was had by all..

David and his Mountaineer

The Bench Racing Hall in the background housed several picture collages, mostly of old race pictures.

red and white

There was always a crowd around the machines.
shooting star

Bob Eastman's Shooting Star commanded center stage.

silver fox

A pair of Rear Drivers along side a TX.


A very nice looking 303 Wankel powered 1970 Panther.


The David Johnson Trophy went to this rare (1 of 2) restored K-4


David sitting on the sled he has just picked for the David Johnson Trophy. Darrel Foss is to his right. Darrell was the one at Polaris who made the David Johnson Special possible. 


David Johnson's good friend, David Foss, stands behind him. The sled's owner is his nephew Jared Foss, and uncle David was one of the ones who helpd restore the little rear driver.


Only two Catters brave enought to try the Tillotson rebuild contest. Mike Klein did it in under 10 minutes to garner the prize.